Compare And Contrast Animals And Zoos

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In order to answer how is a nature reserve a better suit for animal care than a zoo, the conduct of this study is a compare and contrast research. This research presents facts on how zoos are harmful for animals, and how nature reserves are a better option through comparing and contrasting the animals` life in both zoos and nature reserves. I present evidence to answer the research question stated above.

In order to answer the research and supporting questions, this study’s main instruments are comparing and contrasting life cuality in both places.

• Great Apes
 In the wild, great apes live in dense tropical forests, where these highly social beings are constantly engaged and active in a rich and diverse environment. They show love for
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The similarities are that they both have animals involved, they are made by the government, and you can visit both establishments. The differences are that zoos do not give the animals nor the time or the care they need, they drug, imprison, abuse and kill animals; all for the public`s attention, they make animals feel uncomfortable with their environment, and last but not least, a lot of zoos still kidnap animals form their natural habitats in order for them to be part of the exhibition. In the other hand, nature reserves allow the animals to stay in their habitats, run freely, hunt their preys, explore, and all of that with human protection, meaning no one can harm them.

 Which are the living conditions in zoos and nature reserves?
In zoos, the living conditions are poor, because there, animals sometimes starve to death, catch deseases and left to die, the medical care is very poor, and animals are forced to do whatever the crowd wants them to do, while in nature reserves, the animals get to do whatever they want and whenever they want . In nature reserves the animals are not forced to do anything, are not killed, not drugged, and most importantly, not

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