Compare And Contrast Animism And Buddhism

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Animism was the first ever religion to grace the world, hailing from Africa over 100,000 years ago. As the world evolved, more and more people converted themselves into different doctrines that would make up the over 4,100 religions that we have today. Two are Judaism and Buddhism. Buddhism started with a man called Siddhartha Gautama, the ancient Buddha that started it all. He was born in Lumbini (in present-day Nepal) during the 5th century BCE. The religion is one of the most prominent religions in the world, boasting 400 million people being its followers. Judaism is the religion of Abraham and the Hebrews, and they follow one god called Yahweh. It started in 1800 BCE. The belief has a total of 14 million believers all around the world. Today, we look at why the two religions are more similar rather than more different. What are the similarities, you ask? One of the similarities takes us back in time, back to when Abraham and Gautama respectively created Judaism and Buddhism. What do these two have in common then? Both of the two founders were 'prophets, ' someone who people to be powerful that allows that person to be God 's representative. At the age of 29, Gautama left his palace in search of spiritual peace. Significant events had a part of his life, including him being a manifestation of God in Hinduism, and that led to the creation of the religion now known as Buddhism. When God told Abraham to move his family out of his Mesopotamia home and into Canaan, Abraham

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