Compare And Contrast Anne Bradstreet And Edwards

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When it comes to religion and culture there are many differences and change. Even in christianity there are many changes in details even though the beliefs are the same. A branch of older christianity called the puritans believed on a pure predetermined destination. If you committed a sin in their system then there was no forgiveness.Even though the puritans had the same beliefs some had differing viewpoints . Anne Bradstreet and John Edwards both puritans but both had very different ways in showing their beliefs to puritans and other readers or crowds.

The first one of these writers that is going to be analyzed is going to be Anne Bradstreet who wrote “Upon the Burning of Our House” a poem with a deeper meaning than just a house. It
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He speaks on the fire and pain they will endure for the sins they have done against God. In his sermon he speaks on eternal life like Bradstreet but unlike her he uses it as the eternal life people will receive if they sin. The eternal life in hell full of pain, fire and misery.Such as “There will be no end to this exquisite misery”(Edwards 111) He try’s to show sinnful puritans that at the end of their road of pain to God will be pain and suffering. His sermon and Bradstreet’s poem are alike in their ability to show eternal life and the prizes and consequences of following and putting your faith into God. Bradstreet shows the consequences of sin by using a subtle interpretation to go back to righteous ways, Edwards on the other hand is very aggressive in the way he shows the price of sin and to “persuade” un pure puritans back to christ. He is very detailed in the way he speaks on hellfire and pain. Both writers attempt to draw back puritans and to show the cost of sin in two different ways. Both writers show the eternal life given to them good or bad , sinful or righteous. This really shows how extreme the puritan beliefs were in these
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