Compare And Contrast Anne Bradstreet And Jonathan Edwards

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No two authors are alike, Anne Bradstreet and Jonathan Edwards, both Puritan writers, fall true to this as well. Anne Bradstreet wrote Upon the Burning of my House and To my Dear and Loving Husband, her poems are more loving and caring. Jonathan Edwards, a Puritan preacher, wrote the sermon Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God his sermon is very dark, scary, and mean. Both Anne Bradstreet and Jonathan Edwards have respect for God, but they also have different views of him. The authors both have different writing styles, but use similar literary devices. Nevertheless, both authors have impacted the world with their writings, their Puritan views and writing styles.
Their religious views are very similar, they are both Puritans in the early 1700s. They have the same love and respect for their powerful God. However they view him in
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Bradstreet writes poems with many metaphors, both of her poems have an AABB pattern. An example of Bradstreet’s pattern shows in her poem The Burning of Our House “In silent night when rest I took/ For sorrow near I did not look” ( lines 1-2 ) While Bradstreet is focused on rhyming and patterns Edwards is focused mostly on his wording. Edwards uses an enormous amount of loaded words. With these words he creates a picture of what is going on, almost as if it was happening to you at that moment. Edwards paints the image “the pit is prepared, the fire is made ready, the furnace is now hot, ready to receive them; the flames do now rage and glow. The glittering swords is whet, and held over them, and the pit hath opened it’s mouth under them” ( 126 ) It is truly incredible how Edwards paints a picture with words but that isn’t the only thing he is good at. He uses many emotional appeals and makes you questions yourself. Him and Bradstreet share the common interest of personification and biblical illusions, and since they are Puritans their writings were purely based on
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