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Anne Frank. Many people have heard of a girl named Anne Frank, who had to deal with great amounts of stress and hardships, while she was in the Annex. The Annex, a secret hiding spot where the Franks and Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel lived, for them to stay while hiding from the Nazis. There were 8 people together in a tiny space, and some were similar, but very different. In “The Diary of Anne Frank”, a drama based on Anne Frank's diary, written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, Anne Frank and Mr. Van Daan are similar and different in a few ways. One way that Anne Frank and Mr. Van Daan are alike is their character trait of rudeness. Where they differ, is Anne is a very selfless person, and Mr. Van Daan is a selfish person. Anne Frank and Mr. Van Daan in the drama of Anne Frank’s diary, seem like complete opposites when you look at them. Anne is a small, 13 year old girl, who’s in good shape. On the other hand, Mr. Van Daan was described as a tall, portly man in his late 40’s. So looking at them, you wouldn’t think of them as the same, but when it comes to traits, they share an important one, rude. Anne, is a sweet, outgoing girl, but sometimes rude. One example was in Act 1, Scene 4, when Anne had a nightmare, that the Green Police came and took Anne. This whole nightmare woke everyone up, and her mom came rushing in, comforting her. When her mom asked what was wrong, if she was ok, she gave vague answers, as if she was embarrassed that she was getting…show more content…
Although there were many characters in the Annex, Anne Frank and Mr. Van Daan were alike in that they were both rude at times, and unalike, because Anne was selfless and Mr. Van Daan was selfish. To conclude, Anne Frank, and all the members of the Annex had their own personality traits, and sometimes fight, but overall, I think everyone was thankful and grateful that they had this

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