Compare And Contrast Apple And Apple Music

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Apple has been able to capitalize off of the rapid explosion of the internet and social media, which is exemplified in their marketing of Apple Music. Apple uses a number of media outlets to market their music streaming service, such as Facebook and television. Although the marketing strategies used by music streaming companies have been successful in pulling in a large consumer-base, traditional methods of consuming music are still favored by some audiences. Apple Music and a traditional CD like Michael Jackson’s Thriller are both media objects that pertain to music in some capacity, and for this reason they ultimately all have a number of similarities and differences in their connections, strategies they employ to appeal to their ideal audience, and the message they convey. The first television advertisement ran in 1941 during a Dodgers-Phillies…show more content…
Since this first televised ad that only a few thousand people watched, companies like Apple have invested hundred of millions of dollars into television advertisements. A product of this investment can be seen here. In this ad, James Corden, a popular late night show host, is shown pitching ideas for a commercial to Apple Music executives in a business meeting. The executives respond to Corden by stating that they essentially want an ad that shows how simple it is to use Apple Music (while showing this with an iPad) and it can be used offline, on a plane, or a car. This can be considered a logical appeal as it is indirectly giving consumers the features of Apple Music as a reason for joining Apple Music. Furthermore, Corden gives the advertisement an ethical appeal. Corden is a popular for his show, The Late Late Show, however, he has gone viral for his Carpool Karaoke videos. In these videos, Corden drives around popular artists like Bruno Mars, Mariah Carey, and

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