Compare And Contrast Athens And Sparta

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Comparison Between Athens and Sparta 1 Comparison Between Athens and Sparta University of the People 22nd June, 2017 Comparison Between Athens and Sparta 2 Athens and Sparta are two rival cities in the ancient Greece. The two cities are opposite in terms of governance as ancient historians view Athens using democracy and Sparta as dictator. However, in terms of the rule of women in each city, women in Sparta are given huge obligation and that is to conceive a boy that will become a Spartan. On the other hand, in Athens, women are useless as they are not even recognized as Demos. Demos, according to Peter J. Brand (n.d) referred as the rule of the people. To quote, “but only free, native – born males” (p. 29). In the Delian League, whose purpose is to lead the Greece in cultural and economic prosperity, Demos refers to all men except foreigners, women, and slaves (Brand, n.d). Despite the differences, Greece was partially united in terms of winning the battle against the Persians which both the Sparta and Athens main objective. Thus, this paper will investigate further the similarities and differences between Sparta and Athens in governance, rule of women, and beliefs. Geography and Demography According Dr. Peter J. Brand (n.d), Ancient Greece is composed of 700 poleis or city state where each polis was own its small country (p. 1). The city of Athens is one of the powerful cities in Greece because of its cultural and economic superiority and the city of well – known

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