Compare And Contrast Augustine And Martin Luther

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Throughout out my recent years of actually studying theology, I know that sin and humanity has been on the forefront of controversy in the theologian world. Whether it’s from Paul’s fight with the James party or Adam and Eve rebelling against Gods orders to not eat the fruit. So, here I am putting myself in between the great of intense debate of humanity and sin. When I think of sin I think about Adam and Eve story just like many other theologians that talks about sin. I will use Augustine and Martin Luther in this paper to compare and contrast the topic of sin and humanity. With that being said, I believe that Augustine and Martin Luther have many similarities when comparing what is sin and humanity.
I want to start off by explaining who is Augustine and Martin Luther. Augustine and Martin Luther have been huge an impact on contemporary theology. Augustine was the most highly flavored Latin or Western church father of the Hippo, during the time of 354-430 CE (Jones, p.451). Augustine was a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in North Africa and was mainly known for his autobiographical meditation called Confessions, which I will later discuss in my paper. On the other hand, Martin Luther was one of the most influential yet controversial people in the theology world. He was a German monk who started the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century
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He thinks that sin is the evilness of the lack of trust in God that a person has which cause them to rebel. Luther believes that sin originated from Adams rebellious act and made all man sinners which subject to death and the devil (Granten, p.98). According to Saving Original Sin from the Secularists, “For Luther the bondage of the will and sovereignty of God were inseparable. His insistence that no one is capable of making themselves right with God…” (Coleman,
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