Compare And Contrast Autocratic Leadership Style

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The autocratic leadership style allows leaders to make decisions alone without the input of others. Leaders possess total authority and impose their will on the employees. No one challenges the decisions of autocratic leaders. If I were to compare autocratic leadership style with a type of government I will say it is like dictatorship. In dictatorship a ruler has the total power over his or her country and his or her word is final and in most cases is a law. People who have different opinion from a dictator are not listened to and in most cases are jailed or killed. Former president of Uganda Idi Amin used it in the 1970s. Currently countries such as North Korea and Cuba use autocratic leadership style to govern their countries.
Autocratic style of leadership is mostly centered on the leader who is the boss. In this leadership style, all the powers centers on the leader and he or she holds all authority and responsibility. In autocratic leadership style, leaders make decisions on their own without consulting or engaging their juniors. Leaders reach decisions, then communicate their decisions to their juniors and expect prompt execution and implementation. Unlike in democracy where there is flexibility in autocratic work environment there is no flexibility.
Autocratic leaders make decisions without consulting their team members, even if their team members input would be useful to the organization. This style of leadership can be more appropriate when a leader
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