Compare And Contrast Bader And J Watt

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Compare-Contrast First Draft

I am comparing Joshua Robert Bader to J.J. Watt. Both of these freaks of nature have a love for the game of football. At a young age Josh was always the most talented athlete in our grade. No matter what we played whether it be basketball, soccer or football, Josh was always dominating us with his superior strength and speed. J.J. Watt was the same way. With the research I have conducted I have found that J.J. Watt was a 20 letter winner in high school and was all-state in every sport he played. He was a dominate athlete throughout his childhood just like Josh. On the field Josh and J.J. Watt are very similar as well. Both of them play Center and have the strength to block three men at once. The NFL has even passed a rule that each team besides their team is allowed three extra
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Along with the strength of superman, Josh has the hands of a wide out, speed of a defensive back, explosiveness of a running back, and the arm of a quarter back. These qualities are very similar to those of J.J. Watt’s because J.J. has played each one of these positions in the NFL and has the same speed, strength, explosiveness, and arm. Although both of them obtain these amazing qualities, they both play center because “lions don’t consider themselves with the opinions of sheep”. Josh and J.J. Watt also look alike. Both of them are six foot five, have blonde hair, muscular built bodies, and blue eyes. The deciding factor on why Josh is so much like J.J. Watt is that they both had the same injury to the exact same bone in their elbow. This injury was devastating to both of their careers, but they overcame this adversity and are now

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