Short Essay On Baroque Art

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1. Introduction 1.1 Baroque Art Baroque painting consists of a range of styles varying from Classical Religious Grandeur, Realism and Easel Art maturing during the beginning of 1600 and continuing throughout the mid 18th century. Therefore this new movement saw the proliferation of major themes of Baroque painting such as the de-emphasis of the figure, a mastery of light and shadow, realism in all things and last but not least, new subjects like landscapes, still life and self-portraiture. Compared to Renaissance, Baroque art was mainly characterized by outstanding drama which in paintings was richer, used deep colours, and used intense light and very dark shadows. Therefore whilst Renaissance art tended to show the moment before an event took place, Baroque artists chose the dramatic instant that is the moment when the action was taking place. This was intended to evoke…show more content…
Painting Styles and Types 17th Century paintings, sculpture and architecture known as Baroque, cannot be defined as a single style. In Painting there were at least three different styles of Baroque art and these can be classified as follows; 2.1 Religious extravagance This was a triumphant, overstated and almost theatrical style of religious art, commissioned by European courts of the absolute monarchs immediately after the Counter-Reformation. This type of Baroque art is well represented by the bold visionary painter such as Caravaggio and by the grandiose images by the Flemish master, Peter Paul Rubens. 2.2 Life-like Realism A new more realistic approach to painting people was developed in this period time. This new approach was mastered by Caravaggio and later by his followers. The human appeal of Caravaggio’s figures, especially when depicting religious painting was now done using a more realistic approach. Moreover works by other painters such as Velasquez constituted a new form of movement that characterized the art of the period formed the new baroque style. 2.3 Easel
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