Compare And Contrast Baseball And Football Essay

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Have you ever heard of the sports soccer and baseball? These sports are played all over the world. Soccer is also called football and baseball is called America's pastime. Soccer and baseball have very different objectives, players, and equipment. The object of soccer is to score more goals than the opponent in the allotted time of play. A goal is scored when the entire soccer ball crosses the goal line. Each soccer team is allowed to have eleven players on the field at a time. There are different types of player that handle a certain job. A forward's spend most of the game in the offensive end of the field. Their primary responsibility is to attempt to score and to push the ball towards the net. Midfielders are responsible for both offense and defense and need to be very quick and skillful. Defenders are responsible for stopping the other team from advancing the ball towards the goalkeeper. There are several types of defenders: fullbacks, stoppers, and sweepers. Goalkeeper, or goalie, is the one player on the field who is permitted to touch the ball with his or her hands. They can and does use any part of his or her body to stop the ball from entering the goal. A goalkeeper needs to have quickness, agility, and good eyesight. Of course they can't play without the proper equipment. Some necessities are shin guards, soccer socks, jerseys, cleats, soccer goal or net, ball, and a soccer field. All of these elements contributes to the sport of soccer. The object to baseball…show more content…
Here are a few. Soccer is a timed game, whereas baseball has no limit. Soccer players primarily use their feet to control the ball and baseball players use their hands on defense or a bat on offense. Soccer matches can usually end in a tie, but baseball games must have a winner. Soccer team have more player allowed on the field than baseball. Soccer officials are called referees and baseball officials are called

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