Compare And Contrast Baseball And Football

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Both baseball and football are beloved American sports. Professional league for football is called the NFL for football. The name for baseball is the MLB. Baseball is nicknamed the American sport. Many Americans love watching the two sports. Despite the fact that football and baseball are two fantastic sports, they as well have many similarities and differences. The games football and baseball are similar in countless ways. The two sports have an elimination system for later in the year, which collides the teams with the leading records in their conference. The elimination system of football and baseball is organized as a bracket in which two organizations play each other up until there are two teams remaining. These two then play in a Championship game. The Super Bowl is the championship for football and baseball's is recognized as the World Series. Ultimately football and baseball are team sports. They both have different positions that players are designated to fulfilling. Likewise, both sports incorporate a ball that gets picked up and thrown to other members. There are countless similarities in football and baseball.…show more content…
They are played during other months of the year. Football is always played during the fall season, where as baseball is played in the springtime. Also the volume of contact that is endured in both sports is different. There is no pads used in baseball and in football there are pads. Football has eleven players’ individual players on the field at one time where as in baseball only uses nine. Also a football is kicked as well as thrown, although a baseball can only be thrown. Both Football and baseball have rules that need be followed. Football uses what are referees and baseball uses
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