Compare And Contrast Baseball And Softball Essay

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One question that I am very familiar with that I know can lead to continuous arguments is this: “Aren’t baseball and softball the same thing?”. Many people believe that they are pretty much the same thing. Other people think that they are very different, and many of those people think that one sport is better than the other. I am going to go into deeper detail about the two sports to see how alike and different they are. The two sports are played in many similar ways. Both games are played very much alike. Both have 9 players on the field when playing defense in the field. Both sports have the same defensive positions. Both have the same shaped field. Both are played with gloves, bats, and helmets. As well as having many similarities, the two sports are played with many differences. A softball has a diameter of 30.5 centimeters while a baseball has a diameter of 74.68 millimeters. In softball, the bases are 60 feet apart. In baseball, the bases are 90 feet apart. A softball is pitched underhand, while a baseball is pitched overhand. In softball, the fence is usually around 200 feet from home plate.…show more content…
Both sports have the same rules about the pitches that are thrown. If a batter receives four balls, they automatically get first base. If a batter receives three strikes, the batter is out. A foul ball is counted as a strike. In both sports, after someone hits the ball into fair territory they must drop the bat and run to first. In both sports, the defense must get three outs before switching to offense. In both softball and baseball, runners must advance on ground balls hit if a teammate occupies the base behind them, starting with first base. If a fly ball is hit and caught, a runner must return to their base until the ball is caught before advancing. If the caught ball is thrown to the original base first, the runner is
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