Compare And Contrast Basketball And Basketball

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Bryan Lopez
July 23, 2017
Compare and Contrast Essay (Final Draft)
BASKETBALL vs BASEBALL While Baseball and Basketball are well known sports all over the world, they are not as dominant as soccer is in the other countries around the globe, in the United States though Baseball and Basketball are very recognizable sports that have very rich history’s to their name’s. Both sports have played a very large roll in American History, from helping the Native and African American’s grow the foreign popularity of these sports. These two sports have a lot of similarities but even more differences and people just look at these two sports and see nothing similar. Both of these sports have simple similarities that can be seen as very common features that can be easily seen just from paying attention to both of these sports. Baseball and Basketball are two sports that require the effort of each other’s teamwork to secure a victory over the team that they both play. Both Basketball and Baseball are sports that will always require teamwork in order to win a game because that is the main goal for sports teams, there is no other reason for teams not try hard, and to not motivate each other as teammates because in the sports world there is no other goal but winning. By working together, the players of every team for both of these sports are always able to put their differences aside for the better of the team to ensure that they always back each other up and to put aside the

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