Compare And Contrast Basketball And Professional Basketball

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The sport of basketball has become very popular and is played worldwide; it is played at many different levels. From playing as a kid to playing in high school to playing in college and then, playing as a professional, at each level it is very competitive. In the United States it is the most popular because everyone wants to play in the national basketball association which is professional basketball in America. In order to make it into the national basketball association you have to go through college. Although college basketball and professional basketball have the same concept of putting the ball in the hoop and winning for your team, there are many differences between the two. Professional and college basketball have many similarities.…show more content…
The biggest difference between both is how they get treated very differently. In professional basketball all the players get paid to play but, in college they do not get paid a single dime. This is a huge problem because they both make tons of money for their teams, from selling tickets to selling merchandise a lot of fans want to show their support for their favorite team. Because college players don’t get paid, they often don’t have money to provide for their needs. One quote from Shabazz Napier who is a college player seemed to be disturbing as he said “Sometimes there’s hungry nights where I’m not able to eat, but I still got to play up to my capabilities.” Because of this many people feel college players should get paid because they have no job yet, they are making tons of money for their school. Unlike professional players who get paid millions to play and are essentially doing the same things for their team. To conclude, there are many similarities between professional and college basketball but, there is also a difference to both. Even though there is a difference they are both viewed as a great sport for all the fans. Players may disagree, mostly college players but if they make it to be a professional they will get paid all the money they
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