Compare And Contrast Bella And Helen In The Odyssey

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Similar But Different A teenage girl named goes to live with her father in Folks, a dark, rainy town. Under the gloomy weather of Folks, the girl, Bella, finds out secrets that change her her understanding of the world. The town also begins to change upon her arrival; love and lust bloom, fights break out, ancient secrets are revealed and the people she loves are woven into danger’s deadly threads. In Homer’s The Odyssey, Helen, the most beautiful mortal woman, is entrapped by Aphrodite, who offers her to Paris in exchange for a golden apple. Paris accepts and steals Helen away, beginning the Trojan war. Helen and Bella have many similarities and differences. They are both admired and isolated figures. Bella is the new girl and Helen is the Queen of Sparta, the person who many people had died for. What sets them apart is the way they respond to their situations they are put in. They each have their own unique characteristics. Helen, the most stunning mortal woman in The Odyssey, is enchanted by a goddess to have an affair with Paris. She is stolen from her husband, which leads him to start a large war. Helen is hated by…show more content…
Helen is lured by a goddess, a temptation that was impossible to resist. Bella who craves love after being dumped, finds comfort in Jacob. However, she runs to Edward once she knows where she can find him. The “tall goddess among women” (XV. 137) commits adultery and starts the Trojan war. Had she known that her husband was coming for her, would she have had an affair? When comparing Helen and Bella, Edward is Helen’s Menelaos and Jacob is Paris. Menelaos “has” Helen first, and Paris tries to steal her away. In the end Menelaos gets Helen back, just like Edward got Bella back. Helen and Bella are very similar characters, they both are fought over and at times, disliked. Bella and Helen are very similar, yet they each have their own unique
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