Compare And Contrast Ben Franklin And Frederick Douglin

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The United States of America, where people go to find their dream; or at least what most are told. Both Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass have impacted the concept of the American Dream in distinctive ways. Although they both have written autobiographies and objectives of how to achieve the dream, they differ in many ways. They intended to reach out to the readers and allow them to view the success that can be achievable, even if they do not feel it is possible. These two wise men impacted the future of America; citizens were capable of finding hope through all the pain and suffering growing at the time. Benjamin Franklin was born into a large family of seventeen children, with a father that could do no wrong in many eyes. Youngest in the household, he did not grow up with great wealth,…show more content…
He then worked for his father creating candles but firmly disliked it and craved for more of his life. Franklin’s love for writing grew and desired to join a printing company and soon left for London to follow his dream. There, he worked harder than anyone else, “They wondered to see, from this and several instances, that the Water-American, as they called me, was stronger than themselves, who drank strong beer” (Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, 34)! When he returns to Philadelphia, he is met by a friend Meredith when they decide to manage Keimer’s press printing company. Franklin succeeds in the business and makes great money and soon is the official printer for the Pennsylvania Assembly. In 1730, Franklin decided to build a library for the public to expand their knowledge and help their businesses. After his business was booming, he became very skeptical to the idea of religion and was constantly questioning if it was right. With his business booming, he decided to write a book called Poor-Richards Almanac; he claimed that the thirteen virtues are the pathway to success such as he lived. With these virtues, he insisted, “I included
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