Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Arthur

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Compare/Contrast Essay Beowulf is an epic hero, who is a strong and powerful man who comes from Sweden to Denmark to help a village that is being attacked by a man-eating monster named Grendel. Arthur, is a romantic hero who is the courageous king of Camelot who is a devoted leader and will do anything to protect his kingdom and people. Even though Beowulf and Arthur are two different heroes, they both share similar traits such as devoted followers, the use of magical weapons, and courageous traits throughout the story. Both epic and romantic heroes had devoted followers that helped them throughout battles. Beowulf was very strong, but when the people of Denmark thought he needed help. They were ready to step in and lend a sword. “All of Beowulf’s Band had jumped from…show more content…
Beowulf finds a sword blessed by giants, that no other human can lift and defeats Grendel’s mother with it. “A heavy sword… blessed with their magic.” (“from beowulf “ pp 27). Likewise, Arthur had a special sword called the Excalibur, he told sir Bedivere to throw it into the river and what happened next was truly magical. “ A hand appeared… and disappeared again.” (“From the Day of Destiny” pp 199). These heroes showed that not only did their strengths help them defeat evil, but also the help of their magical swords. In addition, both epic and romantic heroes shared courageous traits throughout the story that made them so memorable. When faced with the challenge of defeating the dragon Beowulf said to his followers “ this fight is not yours… except me” ( “from beowulf” pp 33). He put his life before others and although he didn’t prevail he showed a courageous act and that is why people remember the story of Beowulf. Arthur, same as Beowulf was courageous and put himself before others “ My Lord, I care nothing… my life now!” ( “From the Day of Destiny” pp
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