Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Macbeth

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Miguel A. Resendiz Mrs. Vanessa Dean Literature 24 January 2017 Macbeth Paper They are many ways you can compared Macbeth to stories that almost have the same events or challenges as the characters face in it, but one that comes to my mind it Beowulf. The events and challenges the characters face in their journey are almost alike because both people have goals they want accomplish but have things that they face through their paths that will cause them to face them and deal with them. The two main characters of the story have the same kind of goal in their minds to become kings. They just kind of have different types of events but almost the same accurance’s. Both people are well known warriors as Beowulf is a strong warrior on a quest going to Denmark to help Hrothgar with a…show more content…
Beowulf even at his age goes out to fight the all mighty strong dragon that is in rage after someone has stolen a cup from him and that made him to go out and search for it in the town by destroying it. The dragon then goes out in the town and burns it down but beowulf confronts him and kills him but Beowulf gets injured bad and dies of his wounds being to severe. On Macbeth he fights two army’s and deafeat’s them in one day and after that Macbeth and Banquo learn about their future from three witches. The witches say that macbeth will be The Than of cawdor and then will become king and then tell banquo’s future of his sons will be kings. Macbeth learns part of his prophecy is true and goes to the king and tells him that he is The Than of Cawdor(what the witches told him). Macbeth thens starts to plan to kill the king become the new one and then learns that kind Duncan s coming over to his house. Macbeth tells his wife lady macbeth about the king coming over and she then tells him to kill the king. Macbeth then kills king Duncan and he tries to frame the gaurd’s outside of Duncan’s door. The king’s sons flee to
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