Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Martin Luther King Jr

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Compare and Contrast: Heroism When people hear the word “hero,” Thor, X-Men, Captain America, Superman and several others may come to mind. Heroes do not have to own supernatural powers to be mighty but need to make an impact. Heroism is manifested in the actions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Beowulf by staying true to their beliefs. Nothing was able to stop their way of life. Dr. King and Beowulf placed themselves in peril situations, but they allowed individuals to live harmoniously once they completed their tasks on Earth. Although they are from different time periods, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Beowulf possess the similar traits, including leadership and bravery but had their differences. One of the many shared characteristics between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Beowulf are leadership. Beowulf is notable for defending his people and allies as well. Dr. King defended his people also. In King’s sermon “Why I Am…show more content…
King and Beowulf. King knew he was jeopardizing his life becoming an activist for desegregating the United States. In Birmingham, Alabama King put together a “demonstration.” The city police “turned dogs and fire hoses” on participants. King and his followers put their lives in danger by protesting for the treatments of blacks. The German shepherds gnawed at people’s sleeves. T he individuals, including King, were sent to jail. Beowulf jumped into Grendel’s mother’s lair knowing he had a possibility of facing death. Beowulf courageously shouted, “I will shape glory with Hrunting or death will hurry me from this earth!” (Beowulf 1490-1491). Although he knew there was a chance that he would not make it out alive, he chose to leap into the peril moor not worrying about the potential consequences. King and Beowulf both fought Grendel. However, King’s “Grendel” can be seen as equality between all races. Threats, violence, or attacks never caused them to back down from their
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