Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Modern Heroes

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Beowulf Versus Modern Heroes of Various Backgrounds
By Ibrahim Khalifa The titular character in Beowulf, likely written by “a single poet who was a Christian”, has similarities and differences with modern heroes (37). While heroes centuries back typically just had battle skills and intelligence as their main powers, more and more heroes in modern times are getting new powers. Many of these powers are supernatural too, since this is what is needed to even the playing field between wealthy people and middle class/poor people. In addition, heroes like Beowulf listen to authority while many modern heroes refuse to follow anyone’s rules, even working outside the law if needed. Heroes have always used their powers to help people, they live by codes of honor, and they usually win. In addition, heroes today are coming from more diverse backgrounds than the typical white male. The fact that many modern heroes wear masks is quite controversial. Finally, when heroes are not around, chaos can ensue. I feel like the definition of a hero has changed since the time of Beowulf, though there are still some things that have remained the same. One of the things that has remained the same is that the best heroes have might. Just like
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I will answer that question by bringing up the main two heroes that I will compare to Beowulf: Spiderman written by Stan Lee and Neo from The Matrix created by the Wachowski Brothers. In order for heroes like these two to be in the position to help others just as a wealthy and influential person could do easily, something either regarded as a freak accident or a miracle must occur. Spiderman needed to be bitten by a spider in order to gain the superhuman strength needed to deal with criminals in New York. Neo needed to let his curiosity get the better of him so he could discover the truth of the world he lived in and then do something about the

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