Compare And Contrast Beowulf And My Father

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Tom Hanks says, “A hero is someone who voluntarily walks into the unknown.” This means a hero never knows what he or she is getting into. They sacrifice their own lives for people, city, town, or country. There are many types of heroes. Today heroes and past heroes are very different, but there are some similarities. My mom and dad is considered my heroes. They have the qualities of being helpful, faithful, and trustworthy and so does Beowulf. They have those things in common. My mom and dad is helpful because when I do not have anything they always come through and help me get what I need and want. For example food, clothes, shoes, hair products, and hygiene things. Beowulf helps King Hrothgar and his people from being killed by the big monster, Grendel. My parents is faithful because they never turned their back on me. They always there when I need them. Beowulf was faithful to the Geats and the Danes by always sticking by their side. My parents is also trustworthy. They are always honest and never told me anything wrong. Beowulf is trustworthy by keeping his word with King Hrothgar saying he is going to defeat Grendel.…show more content…
I look up to my parents because they are very independent and do things on their own. Both of my parents started taking care of themselves at a very young age. My mom was on her own since she was 17 years old and so was my dad. Beowulf is fictional. He fought in wars and defeated plenty of monsters with his, “ancient sword, was waiting, unsheathed, his sharp and gleaming blade.” (pg.58/line 674-676) A hero is selfless and puts other people lives before themselves. Anybody can be a hero as long as you have the qualities of one. Heroes doesn’t necessary have to have on suits, masks, or superpowers. Even though heroes that’s fictional is different from real heroes, they are still

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