Compare And Contrast Beowulf And The Wife's Lament

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In the epic Beowulf and The Wife's Lament poem perceive many differences but similar situations. In the excerpt about Unferth and Beowulf portrays similar reactions of anger and contempt. To start,Unferth begins the first move by challenging Beowulf out of jealousy. For instance, in both excerpts he states Beowulf challenged Brecca to a swimming match and lost; trying to destroy Beowulf's good name in the presence of the king. While Beowulf counters and states Unferth had killed his brothers for having knowledge of his mother; his "own close kinsmen"(Unknown lines 505). Then there's the wife, which expressed her feelings of anger toward her husband. For example, she had wished misfortune to fall upon her husband. In addition, difference is

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