Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Thor

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Beowulf and Thor are very similar in terms of personality, morals, and the way they think things should be done. They are both very strong men and they have the need to control every little thing and how things should work out. They are both very arrogant and they like to brag Thor does not want to listen to what anyone wants to say while Beowulf does not have to listen to anyone because he already has a firm grasp of what his culture is like and what is to be expected of him. Thor on the other hand has a lot to learn he has to understand how to be a good king so he can serve his people correctly. Beowulf already knows how to do those things because he grew up learning the ways of the Anglo Saxons. Thor thinks he is ready to be king but he’s not he is very arrogant which is not a good trait to have for a ruler. The king has to be wise and know what battles to take on and which battles to simply leave alone. Thor shows this great arrogance by going to the land of the frost giants or as norse mythologists would call Jotunheim. Thor is outraged that the frost giants got into the asgardian kingdom he would not let them get away with this thus the reason why he traveled to Jotunheim to have a word or two with the frost giants and their leader Laufey. Beowulf shows arrogance as well…show more content…
Beowulf wins the fight but in Thor’s situation the price he pays for his arrogance is a great one. Thor and Beowulf both have their demons that they have to face internally and physically in the outside world. Thor has to learn how to become a great king for his people and Beowulf is struggling with the Anglo Saxon standards of living and having to stay in line in terms of the rules and things he wants to be known as a great warrior that has done many things for his people so keeping that good image up is a
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