Compare And Contrast Between Poe And To Helen

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It was once said a golden apple would be the reward to the fairest woman, but for a reward there is a cost. The cost for that golden apple was the lives of thousands of men. Well, this apple would be the reward to the fairest woman by the judgement of Paris, Prince of Troy. Unexpectedly, it would also create a war that lasted for ten years. How it happened was a woman named Helen was promised to become the bride to king Menelaus, forcefully, she became the Queen of Sparta. Years later, Troy went to Sparta for a peace treaty. However, once Paris and Helen met, marriage didn’t stop them from falling in love. Helen loved him so much that she left with Paris, to Troy. Provoking men to die, wives to be mournful, and children being raised without their fathers. In the end,two authors named Hilda Doolittle and Edgar Poe wrote two poems named “To Helen” , and “Helen”. Each poem will be analyzed, individually and then examined for similarities and differences. “Thy beauty is to me like those Nicéan barks of yore”, a quote from “To Helen”by Edgar Poe. Edgar Poe was a creepy man, that made a lot of poems that are unusual. Except, this poem wasn’t the same as others, he made it for his first love, a woman much older than him. Just like Helen was much older than Paris. The author was an orphan and admire the woman named “Jane Stanard”, who was his teacher as well as his friend’s mom and made this poem dedicated to her. The author’s style was love and beauty, the meaning/significance of
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