Compare and Contrast Billy Budd and Animal Farm

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Leaders has the sense of leadership. They are the one who motivates their subordinates, has an ability to make tough decisions and a good facilitator to his constituents. However, there a still a few horrible leaders that instead of empowering others, they are using their power for their own good. In the two great books, Billy Budd and Animal Farm show the violence under the tyranny of a leader and reflects greatly in every character of the said books. In Animal Farm, the dilemma started when Old major dies and all of the animals in the Manor farm inspired by Old Major’s philosophy of Animalism. They plot a rebellion against Mr. Jones and the mutiny is a success. Snowball and Napoleon lead the said rebellion, and renamed the Manor Farm to Animal Farm. The pigs became the leaders because of their intelligence and Napoleon proves to be hungry in power. He also appoints Squealer to be his assistant and spoke person.…show more content…
First, they’ve experienced violence under the tyranny of their leaders. It is said that the Animals where being executed by Napeleon for those who will be against his will. Whereas in Billy Budd, members in the cruise are being punished extremely because people are abiding the rules. This implicates that the leaders of the said book are being abusive to their power and violent to his constituents. In addition, the story also shows the naiveté of Billy Budd and Boxer in Animal farm believing that their leaders are always right. In conclusion, these clearly show what the leaders can do and its capability of ruling its own subordinates. Many leaders are committed to its subordinates, but there’s also a leader who is just wanting the power and being insensitive to his fellow constituents to the point where it results in violence. In this kind of scenario, we must pick/ or vote for a right person who you think that possesses a strong and kind hearted
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