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In life, there are many similarities and differences that can be shared between anything. In the novel Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, there are many moments in Antonio’s life that are similar or different than mine. .Antonio is a small boy who questions most of the things in his life earning him the title of the “Inquisitor” from his family. Even though both Antonio and I grew up in strong Catholic households, there are still differences between us such as our parental expectation and dreams.
Both Antonio and I were born into Catholic households but still question God and stray away from the Catholic faith. In the novel, Antonio starts to question his faith and loyalty to the Catholic religion at a surprisingly young age when Cico introduces him to the Golden carp. This is shown when Anaya writes, “‘You have to choose, Antonio,’ Cico said, ‘You have to choose between the god of the church, or the beauty that is here and now’”.(251) This shows how Cico is making Antonio choose between two religions causing him to question his faith in God. This is similar in my life, however I started straying away because I do not go to church as much as I did as when I was younger, causing me to start to lose some faith. Antonio’s parents are strict on what career he should pursue when he grows up, while my parents give me
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In the novel Antonio tends to have vivid dreams that are realistic and filled with fear and sorrow that have a deep meaning. In his dream, Antonio explains, “It is la llorona, my brothers cried in fear, the old witch who cries along the river banks and seeks the blood of boys and men to drink!” (Anaya 28) This moment shows how intense Antonio’s dreams are especially of someone of his age. Antonio’s dreams are composed of violence, intensity, and despair. While in reality, I can barely recall the calming thoughts that make up my dream

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