Compare And Contrast Bollywood Vs Hollywood

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Hollywood v/s Bollywood

I'll stick to standard films. Television and art house are harder to analyze.

Bollywood is for the most part stories taking into account unreconstructed medieval sensibilities set in cutting edge connections. There is next to no incongruity, and a decent arrangement of patriarchy, pretention consolidated with curbed shadow sexuality, misogyny, prejudice and so forth. Just about everything in Hollywood is in any event marginally humorous, and positively cutting edge or postmodern in sensibility. Through and through bigotry or misogyny is currently uncommon in Hollywood. Hollywood is fundamentally significantly all the more socially cognizant. Bollywood is completely about cash, a great deal more so than Hollywood. Regularly crowd cash. One exceptionally unmistakable theme is the profoundly risky ascent of "thing numbers."
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Bollywood has far more prominent difference in quality. The best standard stuff is about on a par with Hollywood with regards to genuine show, dim parody, dirty wrongdoing and genuine musicals. The best in different sorts - activity, science fiction, superhero, spy, romantic comedies - does not coordinate Hollywood. The most exceedingly terrible is far more awful in all kinds. The main type where Bollywood may conceivably outpace the competition is sure sorts of disaster, where Hollywood's fixation on recovery turns into a shortcoming. However, this is a far fetched case as

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