Compare And Contrast Brampton And Hagar

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The contrast between Brampton and Hagar would be seen in their attitude to fine arts. Whereas Hagar has a fine aesthetic sensibility, Brampton lacks it conspicuously, as he is a hard boiled realist. You never gave adman for living horses, Hagar, he said at once. But when you seen them put into paper where they couldn’t drop manure… Well, keep your bloody paper horses. I’d as soon have nothing on my wall (93). Whereas Brampton is crazy about horses Hagar never cares for horses because she is frightened by their muscularity and smelliness. Horses, obviously, symbolize high energy and sexual potency, which are indicative of Brampton’s personality. Hagar knows that her husband has no practical sense or head for business and therefore she worries about the livelihood. Their quarrel finally end up in sex. Brampton persists in his love horse by buying a grey stallion and few mares. But he fails in the business of selling them, as he does not have the right capacity for bargaining. But Brampton’s love for the horses is passionate and extraordinary. He has named his stallion as ‘Solider’. One day the stallion and a mare go out for grazing. The mare returns after sometime but the stallion does not come home. Brampton is so much worried about the stallion that he lights the storm lamp and goes in the storm at night in search of it poor Hagar fears for Bram as well as for herself. The blizzard is terrible. After sometime, Brampton returns deeply disappointed, without being able
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