Compare And Contrast Buddhism And 9/11

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When you compare Buddhism and 9/11, they are on two different sides of the spectrum, when we think of Buddhism, we normally think of people that are very relaxed and zen with themselves and focus on the high nad rich natures of life that life is happy. Through the Four Noble Truths by Buddha, he would teach his followers and show them what empowers us to acquire genuine and extreme advantages by making satisfying lives, upbeat families, congruous social orders, prosperous countries and a serene world.

With religion there are a lot of people that are very passionate about their religion and think it is above other religions that people believe in and when they come across a believer of another religion they could get violent towards the other
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However, I know that in each religion there is will always be violence because there are violent people everywhere no matter what religion you partake in, they are just the strong believers thinking that their religion is the best of all the others, and those people tend to be terrorists as they act violently against others who believe differently . As described in Buddhism, that any person who tries to stop violence by using more violence is just making it worse. The terrorists who do these sort of actions and create such tragedies around the world are brought up on ignorance thinking that their religion is the best religion and the only religion to go by, they are following a disposition to believe in a religion that deforms the true spirit of Islam. These terrorist lack the sense of seeing the line between what is right and wrong, they put the lives of other people in danger because they are manipulated into thinking they are doing acts of God and misusing the faith they have been brought up to believe. When researching about the correlation between these two topics,

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