Compare And Contrast Bukum Singh And Sikh's

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Among the key contributions from different ethnic Canadians was Bukum Singh and the Sikh’s. In the early 1900’s there were very few Sikh’s living in Ontario, but still 9 Sikh’s actively served with the Canadian troops in WWI. Among those 9 was Bukum Singh, one of the earliest known Sikh’s living in Ontario. Singh came to Canada in 1907 from Punjab. He first arrived in B.C at the age of 14, he was mining until he moved to Toronto in 1912/1913. Here he was very much into being a farm hand for W.H. Moore, of Rosebank Ontario, until his patriotism took over as he answered the call for active service. Singh enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in the Spring of 1915. While in the battlefield of Flanders in 1916, Private Bukum Singh served

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