Compare And Contrast Bushmen And Iroquois

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African Bushmen & Iroquois Compare and Contrast

No matter where you go every single person has an opinion about how us and our world was created. Religion plays a major reason in creation myths but some also believe in the science and rely on facts about how the earth and humans were created. Some creation myths have similarities and differences such as the African Bushmen and the Iroquois creation stories. Both creation stories are intriguing, they have the same importance of animals but they have major difference in superior beings, each myth is uniquely different. The obvious similarity traits are how the creation stories were told.

The Iroquois Indians believe that before the earth was created there was an floating island where all the people lived
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In the Iroquois creation myth it says that the animals helped the woman who would have died from the fall and starvation among other things if they hadn’t helped her. As the woman was falling two birds caught her and put her on a turtle's back. the passage says “. Determined to help the woman they dove into the water to get mud from the bottom of the seas” ( Iroquois Creation myth) These animals who don’t know her, aren't even human are helping her. The earth would have not have been created the way it was without the help of the animals. The African Bushmen creation myth said that humans and animals were able to communicate and live together without any altercations. Giving the sign to Kaang that living on the surface of the earth would be okay. African Bushmen said “Inside is a living spirit that we cannot see. These spirits can fly out of one body into another. For example, a woman's spirit might sometime fly into a leopard; or a man's spirit fly into a lion's body” (African Bushmen). They believed a human spirit could go inside an animal. The importance between animals and humans are obvious, they were all
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