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Objective: I will be combining calcium carbonate with hydrochloric acid as a case study to measure the rate of chemical reaction. This gives us the equation CaCO3 + 2HCl  H2O + CaCl2 + CO2 Background Information: Several factors are already known which increase (or decrease) the rate of reaction. An increase in concentration of the acid allows for a greater number of hydrochloric acid molecules colliding into those of calcium carbonate. Although not every single particle would result in a successful reaction, increasing the number of particles will increase the total number of reactions. Another method is to increase the surface area of the solute. Because reactions only occur with the outside molecules, increasing the surface area will…show more content…
I can now calculate the density  (aka the concentration), of them before and after. Then I can take the change in density over the change in time to determine the rate of chemical reaction. This is because a chemical reaction will affect a solution’s concentration, and to determine the rate, I just need to factor time into the scenario. Furthermore, I can do this multiple times, all with different concentrations of HCl and different amounts of calcium carbonate (as it is diluted in water, and water has a different mass than the acid), to determine how the original concentration of HCl affects the rate. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that the rate can be measured as ∆ρ/∆t=rate of reaction Additionally, I hypothesize that I can use variations of the original concentration of the solution of HCl with water to figure out how the original concentration changes rate of reaction. And of course, I hypothesize that my method will be successful in measuring the rate of reaction. Table of Values: Mass of HCl Mass of H2O and CaCl2 solution Volume of HCl Volume of H2O and CaCl2 solution Density of HCl Density of H2O and CaCl2 solution Final rate of reaction Concentration 1 (of HCl) Concentration 2 Concentration

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