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Pennsylvania and California are the two greatest diverse states that I had the opportunity to live in. My roots started in Pennsylvania and now they have spread across the country to California where currently I reside. Both Pennsylvania and California are unique and different in countless ways. However, I begin to notice they have similarities that tie them together with commonplaces. To begin with, in both states you can envision the picturesque sight of nature, its truly gorgeous. As you travel out towards the rural area recognized to be the Country, located in Lancaster Pennsylvania you will begin to see the massive land accompanied by radiant green grass. Including crops and animals such as horses, cows, and sheep you name it. It…show more content…
Except for the sporadic earthquakes. Where as in Pennsylvania you really experience all four seasons, winter (snow), spring, summer, and fall minus the sporadic earthquakes. I never truly experienced an earthquake until I moved to California it was quite frightening, and personally, I rather live without the earthquakes. Last but not least, California is the entertainment capital of the world. Hollywood is the place to come to make your dreams come true. Traveling from all over the world numerous people come just to see the Hollywood sign, the Hollywood walk of Fame, and Universal Studios Hollywood. On the contrary, Pennsylvania is rich in History being that it is one of the original 13 colonies. Also, where the constitution and the declaration of independence was written and signed. Similarly, to California people come from all over the world to visit the historic sites that are still standing in downtown Philadelphia, Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, and The Betsy Ross House just to name a few. As I conclude, living in Pennsylvania and California gave me exposure to life although in different ways, with a hint of similarities that tied it all together that made me a well rounded person full of drive to

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