Compare And Contrast Caligula And Attila

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Caligula and Attila are known as two of the most evil men in history. This paper will compare and contrast the two men. They have a lot of similarities and differences. A few similarities was that both men served a reign of terror and loved being in control. A few differences of these men was that the both served in totally different times. Caligula served as Rome’s third emperor from AD 37 to AD 41. Attila the Hun was the leader of Hunnic Empire from 434 to 453. Caligula was a very strange man that was fascinated with sexual adventures and after suffering a brain fever was considered mentally ill. He demanded sex with a lot of women including his three sisters. He believed he was a God and the law became an instrument of torture. He believe people should suffer painful deaths and would brutally murder for fun. The people he killed, died slowly and painfully over hours or days. He would decapitate and strangle children while making their families watch. A lot of people died during his reign. Attila was…show more content…
Caligula wanted to control the Roman Empire and Attila wanted to take out the Roman Empire. However both men had very powerful reigns, and died in power. The public response to Caligula in the beginning of his reign was enthusiasm and excitement. They were happy to see Tiberius gone. The public response to Attila the Hun taking control was no surprise, as he was next in line with his brother, whom he killed to be the sole ruler. He united the tribes of the Hun Kingdom and was said to be a just ruler to his own people. The ultimate outcome of both men was death. Caligula was attacked and stabbed thirty times and killed, with his body being dumped into a shallow grave and his wife and daughter were murdered. Attila died in 453 and left behind a divided family. His appointed successor was his oldest son, who fought with Attila’s other sons for control of their father’s empire, which was ultimately divided between

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