Compare And Contrast Call Of The Wild

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Although the movie is based off the book, Call of the Wild as a book is very different from the movie. There are multiple reasons for this to occur, but it happens all the time with book/movie crossovers. In the following paragraphs we will be discussing just some of the differences between the call of the wild book and the call of the wild movie. Not to mention it was published in 1903 so there were multiple things that the movie couldn’t have or express. John Thornton may have been important to the book, but he was the nearly movie’s main focus.

John Thornton is undoubtedly the main focus of the movie. In the book Call of the Wild It starts off in the sun- kissed Santa Clara Valley with Buck being kidnapped and traveling to Alaska, but in the movie Call of the Wild it starts with John Thornton leaving Seattle for gold. John doesn’t even come in early or half-way
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In the book version of Call of the Wild the man who broke in Buck was called the man in the red sweater, but in the movie he didn’t even have a red sweater. Another minor detail was that Buck went straight from Charles, Hal, and Mercedes in the movie, but in the book Buck went to a random mail delivery person with a Scotch half-breed. Finally I’m not even sure the character Charlie is in the book.
Those were the minor and major detail differences between the movie and the book of Call of the Wild.

You now know that the Call of the Wild book was very different from the movie. You also now know that differences always occur in book/movie crossovers. You now also know that the book was published in 1903 so there were things the movie could not show or express. Most important of all though, you now know John Thornton was important to the book, but he was the movie’s main focus. Those were just some details that show no matter what it is if you try to cross over a book to a movie there will be
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