Compare And Contrast Capitalism And Capitalism

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Capitalism and Socialism are types of systems throughout the world in different societies that have had their successful periods of time, but did not show to have the same success at other times during the course of history. Socialism’s theoretical essence says that ownership of property should be in the government’s hands meaning that government has more rights in the assets than individuals do while Capitalism gives to the individuals the right of property, creating a better society since the individuals can produce and purchase as they need to. Capitalism is the political and economic system where land, factories, companies, etc. are owned privately to produce profit for those who own them. Prices of services and goods vary from the costumer’s…show more content…
The individual by pursuing his economic self-interest simultaneously profits the all others’ economic self-interest of that society. Since each individual acts unhampered by government rules in capitalism, it causes the creation of wealth in a very efficient manner which then ultimately causes the rise of the living standard, the increase of the economic opportunities, and the rise of the supply of products. Therefore, when an economy functions with a free-market system everyone has the chance to create wealth for himself and in the same time he simultaneously creates opportunities for everyone else interests. This means that while the rich becomes richer the even poor one becomes richer. Such like, the Capitalism serves everyone for achieving their economic self-interest, including non-capitalists. This results in prosperity, accelerated economic growth, and in progress of science and technology. Even though Capitalism naturally has certain divisions and may be of different kinds it is still less authoritative than centralized government as it is under Socialism. While the people are not commanded on how to use their wealth or power means that they will have more access to these two
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