Compare And Contrast Carnegie Vs Rockefeller

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Two amazing men who had great hopes of living the American Dream, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller. They both started from the bottom of the ladder, poor family, impoverished, and eventually climbed to the point where they became known as many of the men who created America. Their accomplishment started out when they were approached and challenged with difficult situations, but as clever entrepreneur. They were able to overcome the roadblocks, by taking enormous risks and strategic planning. These actions were very successful that it allowed their company’s budget to snowball to the point where they became one of the most wealthiest men on earth. However being the most wealthiest man leads to many controversial questions. One specific question that has been…show more content…
Some differences is that Carnegie’s company was towards the steel industry. What he did to help the country was that he provided a new way of building more durable structures, such as buildings, bridges, etc. With a new material called steel. How he started his company was when he was tasked by his mentor Tom Scott to build a bridge over the Mississippi river. Carnegie knew this would be a challenge, because no bridge with the materials at the moment would be stable enough to transport people. Therefore Carnegie created steel with Bessemer’s process to help build the bridge. After the bridge was completed and people saw that it was durable. Everyone wanted to buy his steel. Soon after the acknowledgement of steel, buildings everywhere began to appear with Carnegie’s steel. With all the money Carnegie made he then sold his business, so that he could help other people in need. He gave approximately 5 million dollars to a public library so that many more libraries could be made. He even wrote a book call Gospel of Wealth where he mentions the idea that everyone who makes a surplus of money needs to distribute that money to others who need
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