Compare And Contrast Castro And Macbeth

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Throughout history, many leaders have been unable to handle being given too much power and especially so when ruling a nation. Macbeth is a clear example of this as well as another real world leader Fidel Castro. These two men had similar rises to power, yet had some important differences in their responses.

Starting with their similarities both Macbeth and Castro gained power by violently overthrowing their predecessors. Castro did so by starting a revolution and Macbeth did it by assassination. Another similarity is that both leaders often ignored the needs of their people in order to push their agendas. Both leaders also made enemies of countries larger than their own. Castro was a notorious enemy of the United States just as Macbeth was an enemy of England. Both leaders had any opposition against them killed as well. When Castro gained power he had all former government officials executed just like how Macbeth has Banquo assassinated so he can’t oppose him. The last similarity is that neither leader gave up their positions easily. Castro only reluctantly retired after 50 years due to poor health.
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Castro also occasionally showed compassion for his people as show by his healthcare and education reforms unlike Macbeth who acted solely in his own interests. They also differed in their private lives since Castro was surrounded by his friends and allies where in contrast Macbeth has no close friends as everyone around fears him. Likewise, another small difference is Castro had 11 children in his life while Macbeth on the other hand had none. The final and biggest difference is that Castro was set in his morals and always justified his actions in great contrast to Macbeth who constantly doubted himself and felt guilty about what he’d
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