Compare And Contrast Cesar Chavez And Gandhi

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Cesar Chavez and Gandhi are both two different people that defended other people.They both wanted to accomplish an important goal that would change the future for other people to have their rights.Cesar wanted to get paid more money for what they were working for by protesting to the owner of the company and not eat the food the company distributed.Gandhi wanted India to be free once again and not ruled by Great Britain so he gather people to go protest to the government he wanted to accomplish a goal that would help the people of India.He was remembered to a model to the people for helping to free India.Cesar Chavez helped more people because they would die if they did not have money so he helped them get more money. Cesar Chavez Helped more people because all of the immigrants were coming to america to make money to feed their families.He did this because the owners of the fields were not paying the workers much money so he decided to start strikes,marches,boycotts,and fasts they decided to do this so that the owner of the company would not earn money and pay the workers more money. This helped the workers a lot because then the workers got their rights and were paid more .money.Then they started a society called the UFW this was established to help farm workers that were not treated well.He left a great future the next generation
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