Compare And Contrast Char And The Centaur

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Centaurus represents Chiron, Heracles, Achilles, Jason, Theseus, and Asclepius 's mentor. Chiron was the leader of centaurs, however, he was not like them. Centaur 's have an aggressive, war-like behavior, but Chiron did not. He was a good creature, and he was immortal. One day Hercules appeared at his home, and accidentally struck Chiron with a poisonous arrow. Previously, Hercules had called on the Centaur Pholus to have a meal with him, on his way to kill an Erymanthian bull. During the meal, Hercules opened a cask of wine that belonged to all of the centaurs. The centaurs were so angry that the viciously attacked Hercules, however he took control and chased them to Malea, where Chiron lived. That was when he accidentally shot Chiron,

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