Compare And Contrast Charlottes Web And Charlotte's Web

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In 1973, the beloved children’s classic, Charlotte’s Web, made its first appearance onto the screen. Over 30 years later, a newer version of the classic hit the big screen. Since both were closely based on the original book written by E. B. White, the movies still hold true to the core values and overall plot. Between the two films, there arose many similarities, but there were still a few variations in the two films. This essay will compare and contrast the ways in which the original animated version of Charlotte’s Web in 1973 and the live-action version of Charlotte’s Web in 2006 on terms of character’s setting, personalities, and plot. The obvious differences between the setting in the two versions of Charlotte’s Web is that one has been drawn and turned into cartoon whereas the later version of the movie is filmed on a set. The house is set up very similar in regards to where they eat and the bedrooms being upstairs. The kitchen is the main area of action in both and quiet scenes take place in the bedroom with Fern and Wilbur. Wilbur stays at Uncle Homer’s barn which is red and houses the same types of animals. The setting of these versions are probably the most similar areas of the two films. When the …show more content…

To summarize this essay, there are several points that highlight differences between the two films, yet the overall context of the film remains the same. One common theme that tends to drive the force between the reasoning in why the two films have varying aspects is because they were made for slightly different audiences at different times in society. Though both versions of the movie have small portions that vary from one another, the main emphasis is the same and both versions are loved by the

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