Compare And Contrast Chesapeake And New England Colonies

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Britain and its colonies During this time in history more and more settlements will be popping up in the newly discovered America. In particular, England. England sent out numerous amounts of people to two main regions on the east coast of America. The two regions were identified as Chesapeake and New England colonies. From the beginning both of these regions had very diverse and distinct identities. One major factor that separated the two regions were the settlers that came to the New World. This affected the colonies in almost every way possible, including economically, socially, and politically. The settling of Chesapeake began in 1606 when King James I commissioned a joint-stock enterprise called the Virginia Company. The Virginia Company was invented to be a religious mission, but shortly after stockholders saw it as a source of gold and other minerals. Other products they saw source of were wine, citrus fruits, and olive oil. Investors promoted colonization so that they would have an opportunity to trade with the Indians. Others saw it as a way to relocate the large growing number of jobless people from Britain to America.…show more content…
In May 6th of 1607, there were three small ships carrying 105 men (39 died along the way).They finally reached the Chesapeake Bay after four long rigid months at sea. They had anticipations to find gold, but ended up finding nothing to their anguish. Instead they found disease, drought, starvation, dissension, and death. While settling they mercifully had the help of the Native Americans. The natives taught them to grow maize (corn) just so they could try and survive. The settlers had a very hard life which is why of the first one hundred and five settlers only thirty eight survived in the first nine
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