Compare And Contrast Chi And Maui Research Paper

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Maui was a powerful trickster god who was best known for creating the pacific Island.. His parents were the god Tangaroa and a woman, he performed many deeds to improve the lives of humans, he made the sky higher and the day longer. He tried to achieve immortality but did not succeed in it. He created this Island during a fish trip with his brothers. He was very small but heroic at the same time he was also a big trickster and tried to impress women . A day for Maui and his mother was very short to finish any important work so he wanted to allow his mother to have more time to do her work so he thought that if he could make the Sun move slower across the sky, there would be more hours left with light to complete so much work. So he cute of the sacred tresses of his wife, Hina , to make a rope that would not burn in the Sun.…show more content…
As soon as he sought the Sun such in his rope he beat it with the magical jawbone go his grandmother. After getting beaten by the magical jawbone the sun became very weak that it could not run but only creep along its course. This is how the sunlight lasted longer and it was possible for people to work more during the day time. The similarity between Maui and Chi Li is that both of them were short but heroic and would have done anything for their family. Chi Li is one of the six daughters of the Li family that possesses the usual characteristics of a protagonist, but is more unique because she is female. Chi Li kills a giant serpent who once inhabited in the Yung mountain. The giant serpent kept killing the local people in a state of constant terror and had already killed many civilians. The giant serpent didn 't like to eat sheep or any other animal she only liked to kill and eat young

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