Compare And Contrast Childhood And Adulthood

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Abstract This essay deals with comparing the childhood and adulthood as significant parts of life. Childhood as we all have experienced is the most beautiful period of one’s life. It is a period of joy pleasure where there are no tensions and no worries. In contrast adulthood is totally different from childhood. It is filled with worries and responsibilities. Where one does not only have to look after oneself, but also others. Information collected from secondary sources show that people who had a tension free childhood led a more peaceful adulthood. And that mostly children are devoid of any stress as compared to that faced by adults. This essay shows exactly how we picture the childhood and adulthood and that childhood is actually the best period of life. Childhood Vs Adulthood Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s season. It is the time where friendship is the most beautiful memory that can’t ever be replaced. Childhood is like being drunk where everyone remembers what you did except you! It’s the time that is enjoyed the most. On the other hand adulthood is totally opposite. It is the longest period of our life…show more content…
They both experience the good and the bad. They are also both intertwined with each other. Even when as a child sometimes take adult decisions. Then there are the times when as an adult you have to let your inner child take the action. Next as an adult they have to make firm decisions. Their decisions have long term consequences and thus they need to think more than once before considering them in their life actions. One wrong decision and whole life can be upside down. In adulthood friends are made to in order that they can be help full in time of need. When the need is over friendship is also over. With all this adulthood is the most complex period of one’s life, wherein the young minds finds a conflict between who they are and who they should be. (Swain,
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