Compare And Contrast Chimpanzees And Taboos

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Chimpanzee vs. Baboons

Have you ever wondered which primates roam around in the wilderness? Well two of the most common animals are chimpanzees and baboons. These animals are very alike but they are also very different. Chimpanzees and baboons look nothing alike, so they don 't have any common traits. The chimps(chimpanzee)have a thick set body while the baboons have a strong torso. Different baboons have different colored fur, but all chimps have lots of black fur. All baboons have coarse body hair, but all chimps hair is just long. Baboons have long bushy tails and a bare rump. Also, the chimps have no tail and have hair on their rump. As you can see chimps and baboons look nothing alike and don’t really have anything in common

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