Compare And Contrast Christian Empire And Western Byzantine Empire

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The Eastern Germanic and Western Byzantine empires were coexisting realms in the worlds of Medieval Christendom but they were drastically different in many regards. Although neighboring kingdoms, the two empires had few similarities and great amounts of differences. The East and Western Worlds of Medieval Christendom differed in their economies and ideals of Christianity but the effect of having a unified religion was similar for both empires.

The economic state of each of the empires, specifically towards the beginning of their reign, were stark contrasts. The Eastern Byzantine empire had a thriving economy due to inheriting strategic and prosperous land. This blooming economy allowed for urbanization to occur throughout the region. The Western Germanic Empire, however, began with a declining economy due to the constant invasions. This poor economy was unable to support the high urbanization of the Byzantine Empire, so most of the region was rural. Although the Eastern World of
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Both regions inherited their Christianity from the Romans, who both considered to be their ancestors. Because of this, both kingdoms made Christianity the cultural and moral foundation for their rule. They also relied on this unified religion as a foundation of cultural unity within the realm. Both empires benefitted from the fact that they had a religion that was accepted throughout their region and was used and the basis for their societies.

Although the Eastern Byzantine empire and the Western Germanic empire were neighboring kingdoms that both claimed to be the descendants of Rome, they contrasted in several areas. The East and Western Worlds of Medieval Christendom contrasted in the wealth of their realms and how they practiced Christianity, but both of their societies similarly benefited from having a primary religion throughout their
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