Compare And Contrast Christianity And Buddhism

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Christianity and Buddhism, two of the world’s most practiced religions, can be seen as both similar and different devotions based on their teachings and beliefs. When you analyze these two doctrines, three of these comparisons stand out. One comparison being their origin, because the start of these religious traditions closely relates to a single philosopher; Buddha and Jesus Christ. These two men taught very similar ideas, but with different comparisons towards the subject of a God. These religions also see differently when it comes to after life, or where or what becomes of a person after their death. Christianity and Buddhism see eye to eye in their origins and ideas, but the beliefs of these two religions are what separated them. Siddhartha Gautama, also known as Buddha, was the founder of Buddhism, while Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity. Both were teachers of love and compassion for moral life, something that was challenging compared to the values of their time. When comparing their lessons, you find what seems like reworded copies. “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you” and “You shall love your neighbor, as yourself” was the words of Christ, while “Consider others as yourself” were the words of Buddha.…show more content…
Jesus testimonies to an intense relationship to a single deity, that he referred to as his father. This relationship was believed to have given Jesus the ability to perform miracles to the dead and sick, healing them or bringing them back, all in his God’s names. Buddhists have denied any supernatural methods, believing that they must end suffering with self efforted ethical living. Christianity and Buddhism have similar core beliefs, but Christianity walks toward the path of a God while Buddhism does
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