Compare And Contrast Christianity And Judaism

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Christianity, Islam, and Judaism Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are similar in that all three are considered major religions of the world. They are also similar because they are monotheistic, meaning that they each emphasize a belief in a single god, rather than many gods. Furthermore, all of these religions have some sort of practice for burying the dead in addition to books that contain each religion’s teachings. Christianity follows the teachings of the Bible while Islam following the teachings of the Koran, and Judaism follows the teaching of the Torah. Another similarity among these three religions is that some type of building plays a major role in each religion’s sense of community. Christianity has churches, and Roman Catholicism,…show more content…
Another difference lies in the fact that Hinduism is an ethnic religion (a similarity between Hinduism and Judaism) while Buddhism is considered a universalizing religion (a similarity between Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam). Another primary difference between the two religions is that Hinduism followed a caste system in which people were born into particular castes. On the other hand, Buddhism did away with this caste system such that different subgroups were not distinguished from one another. Furthermore, Buddhism emphasizes the teachings of Buddha, who might also be referred to as the “Enlightened One.” Following from this, Buddhism emphasized the path to enlightenment through understanding of what are called the “four noble truths.” In my reading of the chapter, I did not find evidence of these truths being part of Hinduism. In addition, Hinduism seems to place a greater emphasis on things like ceremonies, rites, and pilgrimages, while Buddhism doesn’t seem to place as much emphasis on such rituals. Also, followers of Hinduism closely adhere to a set of rules regarding food consumption and
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